Distributing customized installers to your clients shows not only that you are a professional, but also that you are willing to adapt to each specific requirement you might come across.

Master Packager is one of the apps that can help build brand new such installers or modify existing ones.

Build MSI installers from scratch

As soon as you launch Master Packager, you need to choose the action you want to take: either create a new installer, or open an old MSI, MST or MSP one, so you can enhance it.

The first details you need to enter are the general information, such as product name and version, manufacturer, product code or installation folder. Next, you need to add the homepage, support and updates URLs, contact and phone number – and this is also the moment where you can choose to hide or display the Modify, Repair and Remove buttons.

When it comes to the summary info, you get to select the image type, code page and UAC status as you see fit.

Supports numerous types of files

Despite all these, the strength of Master Packager lies in the wide range of files and registry entries you can include in your installer to make it suitable for your or your client’s necessities. Not only can you assign different files to each supported folder, but you can also adjust the shortcuts, INI files, application search, environment variables, or custom actions.

You can even modify the entries from the install execute sequence, then configure the ODBC data source and services.

When you consider your work is done, you can rely on the Validation function to detect compilation errors and fix them before sharing your work with others.

To wrap it up

All in all, Master Packager can assist professionals into coming up with beautiful and personalized installers without too much effort.



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