ReSpeedr V2: Perfect Super Slow Motion, Time-Lapse, and Afterglow Effects! Explore a captivating world with ReSpeedr, where your videos transform into breathtaking spectacles of time. Infuse your footage with variable speed changes between super slow motion and time-lapse, along with afterglow effects, adding an extra mystical touch.

These creative options open new dimensions for the mood and atmosphere of your scenes. Furthermore, ReSpeedr enables the perfecting of 3D video material through captivating slow-motion or time-lapse sequences. With NVIDIA technology support, your videos are processed super-fast, giving you more time for creative expression. Rediscover the boundaries of videography with ReSpeedr and bring your visions to impressive reality, whether in action scenes, nature captures, or technical processes.

– Super slow-motion with thousands of images per second
– Time-lapse for quick bridging of slow movements
– Keyframes for combining super slow-motion and time-lapse, including dynamic transition phases
– After-exposure effects to combine with super slow-motion and time-lapse
– New user interface for even more convenience
– Quick video stabilization with Mercalli V6 technology
– 3D video support
– Export now also in YUV 422 and 444, in 8, 10, and 12 Bit
– Export profiles can be created for individual requirements
– Spherical videos with 180° and 360°, incl. binocular formats
– Editing of portrait formats
– Accelerated computation compared to V1
– Thanks to NVIDIA technology, significantly accelerated export



proDAD ReSpeedr 2.0.210