X1 Search is a comprehensive software utility that lets you perform thorough searches within files and emails by applying filters to narrow down results. It is packed in a user-friendly interface and contains many helpful options, such as saved search filters.

Once started, the tool runs on a initial scan on the computer to populate its library with files. You can view the results with the name, type, date of modification, size, and full patch for each file, as well as filter them by taking into account any of these criteria. The list of results can be exported to Excel, tab, comma or other format which your preferred columns.

You can also view the contents of folders or archives within the main application window by just clicking their entries. Likewise, you can check out pictures and text files, along with technical file information for executables.

X1 Search is capable of filtering saved searches to display only files and attachments, documents, or pictures, for example. It gives you the possibility to copy or move any selected files to other locations, remove them from the computer, add them to SharePoint, or print them.

You can manage data sources and assign new locations to scan, together with the type of information to look for (e.g. file names and sizes), filter files by type and maximum size for content indexing, as well as add network paths, external drives, or accounts from AOL, GMAP, IMAP email, Outlook, Yahoo, SharePoint or X1 Rapid. Plus, indexing jobs can be scheduled to run recurrently in order to keep data updated.

The software program can be set to run at every Windows startup until further notice, begin the indexing service immediately, hide the splash screen at app startup, shut down the indexing service on exit, or minimize to the system tray on close. You can set a key combination for showing the X1 Search search window in the foreground.

X1 Search takes a while to finish an indexing job, depending on the computer’s hardware abilities and data source size. However, it uses a significant amount of CPU and RAM during this time, and runs multiple processes. Other than that, the tool sports some powerful features for performing customized file searches in various locations, so you can definitely give it a shot.



X1 Search Setup

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