Sequence Generator Pro automates the astrophotography process. It syncs and coordinates with all of your gear, so it can do the capturing for you. The devices the app can synchronize with are plentiful. They range from your camera, filter wheel, focuser, all the way to your flatbox, camera rotator, and even the ability to link up with your roll-off roof observatory.

However, you only require a camera to start taking advantage of Sequence Generator Pro, making this power-user-geared software suitable even for beginners.

On their astrophotography journey, beginners can use and mature into this app as they go, given that the features it encompasses are very expansive and scalable, based on your equipment. This is versatile software that does not require an online connection.

Users can change the automation parameters in real-time, and given that the app is compatible with most astrophotography equipment, a lot of gear can benefit from the features it has to offer, such as automated target framing and meridian flip, an automatic in-sequence centering and auto-focus capability, along with a remote telescope centering option — all of these being able to be done remotely, from your computer.

To make the automation even easier and more convenient, users can also save their gear profiles, reducing the number of adjustments needing to be made.

System requirements

  • ASCOM 6
  • .NET FRAMEWORK 3.0 – 3.5
  • .NET FRAMEWORK 4.7.2

What’s new in Sequence Generator Pro


  • A request to force Auto Focus at the next frame can now be canceled by clicking the same button again.


  • A manual Auto Focus run can no longer be requested during end of sequence actions or camera warmup.
  • Fixed an issue where AutoFlats may not open if a previous flat event exists whose parent has been removed.
  • Fixed an issue where flat events that straddle the min exposure limit may not carry a brightness value (and brightness regression would fail).
  • Fixed an issue where the regression fallback method may calculate a predicted brightness in the wrong direction.
  • If a request to force focus on the next frame is never executed because the sequence is aborted, the request will be forcibly canceled.
  • The initial Auto Focus run will no longer be skipped if the first frame in the sequence is non-light.



Sequence Generator Pro 32-bit Setup

Sequence Generator Pro 64-bit Setup

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