Just like its name implies, Photos Exif Editor helps you change the metadata of your graphic files.

The application comes with a user-friendly interface, and displays each control and function very clearly.

In other words, you can add entire image folders or separate files using drag and drop, or manually browsing to their location. Next, assign metadata or edit the info already present in each image.

Before changing the metadata, you can use Photos Exif Editor to explore the details currently associated with each file.

Thus, you can examine data related to the used camera (make, model, owner name, serial number), its settings (ISO, focal length, flash, orientation, exposure mode, etc.) and lens variables.

The software solution allows you to fill in all the said EXIF information and more, by manually typing the data in their corresponding fields.

You can specify IPTC and XMP info, like author by-line, workflow credit, location codes, or creation date.

When it comes to adjusting any type of dates, Photos Exif Editor provides you with a lot of flexibility, so you can alter the exact date and time, down to the minute and second.

Due to this utility, you can automatically replace the filenames of your images using metadata details.

For example, you can add EXIF date and time to the filename of each processed picture, the GPS location, or the width and height of the image.

To wrap it up, Photos Exif Editor stands true to its name and helps you alter the metadata of your photographs, no matter their format. You can also set up presets if you often use specific EXIF information so you do not need to enter it every time.



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