AccessAgility has developed a suite of WiFi network testing tools to make it easy for network engineers and technicians to deploy, manage, and maintain today’s complex wired and wireless networks. The company’s WiFi Scanner, OptiFi, BridgeChecker and WiFiPerf products give users instant visibility into their network performance. AccessAgility simplifies the complexities of network testing, provides instant visibility for efficient problem resolution, and enables seamless collaboration between site personnel and remote experts.


  • Simple, fast wireless network discovery of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac access points. Use WiFi Scanner to select the best configuration for your WiFi access point / router and optimize network speed.
  • Also includes upload and download speed testing to quickly measure and analyze WiFi Internet performance problems.
  • Using WiFi Scanner you’ll see nearby wireless access points and their details, including channels, signal levels (RSSI), noise, channel width, and MAC address, signal quality, maximum data rate, encryption, and much more.
  • WiFi Scanner is great for determining the best position for an access point at home or in the office. After selecting the best position, the optimal channel to use can be determined by selecting the least used channel resulting in improved WiFi speeds.