Working in certain environments sometimes requires one to send multiple identical mail messages to a plethora of contacts. When that happens, AB Bulk Mailer is there to save the day.

Backup servers, Messages, Contacts, and Easy send are the main four points that converge to offer a helpful bulk-sending system, each with its own agenda and contribution to the whole algorithm.

I’m not saying this program is the simplest out there, but it is one of the more efficient ones for sure. How do I know that? I used it of course, and sent several mails to companies on behalf of my employer, finding out that out of all other programs out there it had the most successful delivery rate.

Is it the app or is it the account I sent if from? I can’t say for sure, but in my case, I felt that changing the bulk-mailer had something to do with this improvement.

In terms of adjustments, you need to add your mail service account. Ports can be changed, connections can be secured. You can even create automatic schedules for the mails to be sent if their content does not change much.

The user will then proceed to creating messages or templates to be honest which will then be saved in a specified mail format and sent accordingly. Adding contacts to your list will make life easier for you, and I suggest you do it if you do not want to be lost in the tons of contacts and mails you have to send.

AB Bulk Mailer is one of the few apps that in my opinion keeps things as simple as possible while still achieving a height efficiency rating. There really isn’t much to discuss when it comes to it other than how fast you can get things done with it.



AB Bulk Mailer Corporate 11.0

Password : madara