Whether you need to manage or monitor your MySQL database, you need a comprehensive application that can help you manage as many operations as possible, thus helping you save time and energy. Such a utility is dbForge Studio for MySQL.

Those who are not familiar with the database environment might find the graphic interface of the app a little bit overwhelming, but the professionals will not encounter any issues in managing it as each section serves its own purpose.

Build and execute MySQL queries

Users will be able to create queries or modify existing ones, then execute them, as well as develop or debug MySQL routines. Database administrators can also automate object management within an intuitive environment.

One can also rely on dbForge Studio for MySQL to compare and sync databases, along with creating backups according to a scheduler they configure. Not only the data can be synchronized, but also the MySQL schema, and users can review the database differences with ease.

Code completion and formatting for complex queries

When it comes to SQL coding, the application provides users with code completion and formatting, whereas they can use the code snippets to save time (these can be inserted from the dedicated panel or via smart tags).

Users can create complex queries using the built-in visual builder and generate extensive diagrams where they can drag and drop the tables they require and establish connections. Thus, dbForge Studio for MySQL helps users focus on the actual query rather than on the coding part.

Complete toolkit for MySQL development

All in all, dbForge Studio for MySQL can help users save valuable time when it comes to dealing with databases. They can import a wide range of data, such as Text, Excel, Access, CSV, XML, DBF or ODBC, and the export possibilities are varied as well. Nonetheless, a license will be required for prolonged and continuous use of the app.

  • What’s new in dbForge Studio for MySQL Professional 10.0.150

Code Completion & Syntax Check:

  • Added support for START, STOP, SHOW and RESET REPLICA statements
  • Added full support for FLUSH command

DDL generator:

  • Added option Include triggers to DDL generator
  • Added Include DEFINER clause and Include SQL SECURITY clause options instead of Exclude DEFINER and SQL SECURITY clauses option


  • Added connectivity support for MariaDB 11.4
  • Upgraded from legacy chart designer to advanced new version
  • New Alt + Up/Down Arrow shortcuts for navigating script differences in the lower comparison pane in Schema Compare

User-reported and internal bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with ANSI_QUOTES that occurred during the compilation of procedures for debugging (D138467)
  • Fixed issues that occurred during the synchronization of schemas into project files (D35616)
  • Fixed syntax check issues that caused various malfunctions and improved the diagnostics of such issues (D139475, D138357, D138447,
  • D141061, D141728, D137453, D132397, D132387, D129973, D132386)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when comparing object scripts to display differences (D134080, D136046)
  • Fixed an issue with the execution of Commit and Get Latest from the shortcut menu of Database Explorer (D140859)
  • Implemented the restoration of tables being edited in Data Editor in case of the execution of multiple SELECT queries (D134285)
  • Fixed an issue in Object Search that occurred when searching for objects whose names contain the underscore character (D134011)
  • Improved the object renaming functionality for users with limited permissions (D137814, D124636, D137770)
  • Fixed an issue with editing string values in columns in Data Editor (D139407)
  • Fixed an issue with displaying empty values in Data Editor (D139396)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when retrieving table metadata in Data Editor (D137262)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred during the repeated execution of a SELECT query in Data Editor (D138515, D139243)
  • Improved the selection of server connection in Object Editor when navigating between objects by name from SQL Document
  • (D136867)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred during the repeated execution of a query in SQL Document (D138398, D138576, D138989, D139381, D139492, D141024)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when pasting multiline text into a grid cell in Data Editor (D139506, D140922, D141978, D143078)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when opening the Tables node in Database Explorer with the ‘Allow uncommitted objects discovery’ option enabled (D138456)
  • Fixed a syntax error in queries that join subqueries (D138447)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when running a comparison after saving a .scomp document (D140745)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when opening and editing documents in a project (D142867)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when changing a column name in Table Editor (D139143)
  • Implemented the recovery of triggers when rebuilding a table in the editor (D138349)
  • Fixed an issue with the generation of package DDL (D115770, D137453)
  • Improved error diagnostics in Document Outline (D140233, D142653)
  • Fixed the incorrect restoration of open documents (D138431)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when opening a project (D116365, D137565)
  • Fixed an issue with applying the ‘Use cached update mode by default’ option (D138660)
  • Fixed an issue with reading LOB (D129401, D133754, D133700)
  • Fixed an issue with launching the application via CrossOver (D140940)



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