dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL is a comprehensive IDE that allows the efficient managing of database objects, creating and running queries, and editing table contents with ease. Its purpose is to provide a more user-friendly database management tool for PostgreSQL users, a goal that is accomplished.

View and edit PostgreSQL database contents

The assortment of tools that dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL comes with is its most powerful asset. The tree-view database explorer makes it possible for you to browse all the objects, including tables, views, procedures, functions, sequences, and event triggers.

The content of tables is read-only by default, but you can authorize editing rights and use the table viewer to alter the data, including the table settings and the data types. Simultaneous connections are supported as well, which enables you to compare database schemas and perform data synchronization if you wish to.

A powerful SQL editor, a query builder, and a profiler

The built-in SQL editor features syntax highlighting and code completion, offering suggestions for both keywords and database objects for smoother user experience and enhanced code quality. Popup hints are displayed about database objects, which makes it easier for you to see data types and parameters.

You can also use dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL to build database queries and then assess their performance using the integrated profiler.

Reliable database management tool for PostgreSQL

dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL comes in handy to database administrators, providing a database management tool that is comfortable to work with. For those who rely on PostgreSQL to store their data, it is definitely worth trying.



dbForge Studio for PostgreSQL Setup

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