Nearly any business or service, big or small, is dependent of an active Internet connection. Most might require registration or specialized fields that need to be completed and submitted for you to receive desired content or data. Implementing this and keeping credentials secured requires a certain level of coding knowledge, but with the help of Arclab Web Form Builder anyone can design a form template and implement it in a web server.

Focus on the visual design

At its core, the application is more or less an interface for specific lines of code you would otherwise have to write down in the development process. The intuitive design lets you carefully place and edit items in a workspace and view the result as it would appear to the end user.

Increased compatibility with web servers

Implementation should not be a thing to worry about, the generated form being based on HTML and PHP makes it compatible with a large majority of web servers. A single file is created containing your design, which you can either save locally, or choose to perform a FTP upload.

Large variety of elements

In terms of functionality, the application is equipped with various form elements that can meet any demand. From simple text fields, check boxes and design elements, to Captcha requirements or custom HTML codes, you can equip the workspace with anything you consider important.

Thorough customization options

Arranging elements on the workspace is done easily, either by inserting them in the order you want them to appear or through dedicated arrangement buttons. What’s more, editing options give you free hand in customizing visual aspects, such as size and text formatting options, as well as additional code fields for more enhancement possibilities.

To end with

On an ending note, Arclab Web Form Builder can save you a great amount of time when it comes to implementing specific forms in your website. The intuitive interface lets you better visualize and arrange elements, without having to worry about the code itself. It’s compatible with most web servers and definitely worth a try.

What’s new in Arclab Web Form Builder 5.5.11

  • Updates “Email and Database” (Tasks)
  • Updates “Custom PHP Code”
  • REST API calls (GET/POST) have been added.
  • The helper functions “ToInt($txt)” and “ToFloat($txt)” have been added to custom PHP code.
  • Comments (Custom HTML) are only displayed in “Edit Form” and no longer in “Preview”.
  • In “Edit Form” and “Preview” buttons have been added to directly open the first page, success page and error page.
  • Adds form element “Visual Elements” > “Hidden Comment”.
  • For “Edit Custom PHP Code” the list of available variables has been revised.
  • The sample code for PDF creation has been expanded to include code for optional signature form fields (PNG).



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