dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL is a software solution designed to make database administration easier, as it enables you to compare, find differences and synchronize the data between tables.

Comes with a comprehensive, yet manageable GUI

The installation is a simple and straightforward operation that does not require too much attention from your part and does not take much time. Even though it is an app designed for database management, you will be happy to learn that you do not need further configuration to use it. In fact, your input consists of specifying the PostgreSQL server authentication details that the tool should analyze.

The interface is clean, organized and is unlikely to give you any challenges. While it displays various technical menus, you can operate it easily without having to spend too much time and effort understanding the functions. Then again, using the application entails that you know some technical terms as well as how to operate PostgreSQL servers.

Allows you to compare the data directly on the PostgreSQL server

The idea behind the program is to provide you with an intuitive and straightforward method of comparing data between different databases. You should know that the tool supports comparison on files you store on your hard drive and also provides support for live database control. The direct advantage is that you can work with live servers, snapshots and backups, depending on your needs and preferences.

A further noteworthy feature is that you can compare tables with different structures, as the utility can map objects, such as columns, schemas, views and tables, for instance, automatically. In addition, the program enables you to generate reports as Excel or HTML so that you can access them via other third-party software solutions as well.

A handy utility that can make PostgreSQL data management simpler

All things considered, dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL is a reliable and powerful application that provides you with a user-friendly environment to compare tables as well as synchronize data between PostgreSQL servers.

What’s new in dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL 4.1.839

  • Fixed an error that occurs when switching between Card View and Grid View in the Data Editor



dbForge Data Compare for PostgreSQL Setup

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