Designed for experienced photographers and hobbyists alike, Wondershare Fotophire provides a compelling suite of graphic manipulation tools that can generate captivating photos both quickly and easily. The toolbox comprises three components, namely a photo editor, a photo cutter, and an eraser, which can run concurrently.

Versatile photo editor with a plethora of tools and adjustments

The Photo Editor features a broad array of effects and enhancement tools that work together to help you generate professional-quality photos.

The assortment of graphic effects is variate, so it is highly unlikely you won’t find something to fit your taste. Furthermore, the fine adjustments you make to the loaded photo can be saved as a new effect, which can be used at a later time.

The editor also comes with built-in cropping tools and a set of controls to alter parameters such as temperature, hue, brightness, contrast, and more. The color balance and the luminosity can also be tampered with, the tone curve can be changed, and blur effects can be added to areas of the image.

Aside from effects and adjustments, the Photo Editor features a rich collection of frames you can apply with a click. Moreover, the range of textures makes it possible to obtain a creative effect out of every photo.

Crop images, create collages and remove undesired objects

Also included in Wondershare Fotophire, the Photo Cutter makes it easy for you to crop images and remove the background of the photo. Moreover, it provides basic tools for creating collages or photomontages.

Last but not least, the Photo Eraser can remove specific areas that are not needed or that are unwanted. For instance, you can use it to delete elements that ruin the scenery. Additionally, it enables you to clone certain elements from within the photo.

Make a good photo great with a variety of editing tools

Whether we are talking about the personal portfolio of a photographer or a website, enthralling graphics sell. Aiming to assist in turning good photos into a great graphic material, Wondershare Fotophire delivers an editor, a cutter and an eraser, all intuitive and easy to use. And while it does not come up to the standards imposed by professional editors, it bundles a promising feature set fit for the regular user.



Wondershare Fotophire Toolkit 1.3.1 Setup

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