Automatic Email Processor is a lightweight piece of software that allows you to manage the emails in your Outlook client more efficiently by automating the monotonous tasks.

Following a quick setup, you are welcomed by a clean and airy interface that is suitable and perhaps desirable for an application designed to deal with hundreds or thousands of emails. The UI is split into two main sections, namely an area that allows you to view the list of profiles that you have created and their status and the filters zone, located in the lower section of the interface.

The idea behind the tool is to help you save time and energy by automatic daunting, but time-consuming tasks you are likely to do when managing the messages. You can create profiles that automatically deal with these types of messages effortlessly. You can set up as many profiles as you need to handle plenty of messages incoming every day from different senders in a customized way.



Automatic Email Processor 3.4.7