The more improvements a certain type of technology receives, the more accessible and affordable it becomes for both new and existing users, with one example in this category being storage devices, where high speed hard disk and solid-state drives make their way into the data centers of cloud storage providers whose plans tend to go through yearly increases in capacity.

When it comes to Amazon’s top global cloud hosting services, one way to stay in control of your backups and website’s contents is through S3 Browser.

Once installed, double-clicking on the automatically generated desktop shortcut summons a straightforward interface featuring the quintessential command ribbon housing the utility’s suite of options sitting atop the container browser section, also known as “Buckets”. In order to avoid toggling between multiple opened windows through the taskbar, the app bundles the ongoing tasks, permissions manager and tagging utility in a tabbed and resizable layout that can be navigated via the Control & Tab hotkey combination for those with keyboard-focused workflows.

What’s new in S3 Browser 11.6.7

  • Object Lock bypass governance retention support when deleting objects
  • Improved support for very long file names in the Versioning manager
  • Added support for custom s3b:// URI scheme
  • Updated libwebp library to address recent security bug-fixes
  • Fixed an issue with individual file download for the CLI download tool
  • Fixed an issue with changed files synchronization for the CLI sync tool



NetSDK Software S3 Browser Pro 11.6.7