Email Duplicates Remover Tool is fully automatic software that required only your email account credentials. Thereafter, the software will automatically add all email folders in the software panel. Users can choose specific email folders for removing duplicates.

This Duplicates Email Remover Software provides several advance filter options to delete duplicate emails between specific date range, by email address, by subject, exclude folders, has specific words, etc. You can also find duplicates based on required email fields like From, To, CC, BCC, Body, Attachments, Subject, Time, etc.

BitRecover Email Duplicate Remover Wizard creates a new folder named Duplicates Found which stores all deleted duplicates. Hence, after deleting email duplicates, you can check deleted duplicates under the Duplicates Found folder. If you want to free up some email quota space then permanently delete the newly created folder.

This Email Duplicate Remover Software generates a log report file that stores information about removed duplicate messages. The savingLog.txt file has details about Start Date and Time, Saving Type, Selected Source, Folder Path, Duplicate Items Moved, Duplicate Emails Found, and Status.



BitRecover Email Duplicates Remover Wizard Enterprise 6.3