ASDIP Concrete is a detailed and powerful software that allows engineers to swiftly make complex computations regarding various physical parameters, such as factored loads, column strength and slenderness ratios. The tool can generate results for Biaxial Concrete Columns, Continuous Concrete Beams and Out-Of-Plan Bearing Walls.

Can be a highly useful handbook for student-engineers

Users that regularly work with items created out of concrete and have to make the corresponding complex computations will benefit from this application. Engineers are in the best position to draw value from this resource. It can also be a highly useful educational resource, as a handbook for students.

As with most science-related tools, the application features a somewhat complex interface that might seem daunting at start. New users should, however, take their time, as the program is surprisingly easy to use. Several tabs control navigation and a few menu items can also be employed in order to fully explore the program’s functionality.

Comes with three built-in modules

The program consists of three modules: “Biaxial Concrete Columns”, “Continuous Concrete Beams” and “Out-Of-Plan Bearing Walls”. Each component deals with the physical characteristics of the named concrete item.

One of the great things about this software is that it is very easy to use. Once a module has been selected, the program automatically makes the necessary computations. This makes it a very good check-up tool, that can be employed, both in order to spot mistakes, but also to test project limitations.

Generates multiple datasets, as well as comprehensive graphics

Each module has its very own unique parameters, but users are free to adjust all the initial data (e.g. by increasing the number of reinforced curtains, or modifying the effective height K-factor). Based on this information, the software automatically computes a myriad of parameters, such as wall thickness, pressure on wall, eccentricity and compression strain limits. All the data is accompanied by detailed graphs.

In conclusion, ASDIP Concrete is a highly powerful application that can assist engineers with complex computations regarding physical characteristics of concrete modules.