Monitoring your servers is something that needs to be done if you care about their proper functioning: while you can always keep an eye out and monitor everything yourself, software utilities designed just for this purpose exist to make your life easier.

Efficiency is key anywhere, and server management and monitoring is no exception. TSplus Server Monitoring comes in to help users monitor their servers and domains effectively, thanks to an intuitive interface that marries a modern design with easy-to-reach functions.

The utility is straightforward in how it facilitates monitoring: the main interface provides a quick overview for the user’s monitored servers and domains. When active, the respective servers and domains will be highlighted with the green color, and the tool will also provide the website’s response times, as well as the CPU, memory, and disk read/write usage values for the server.

Interacting with your server in the app will bring you to its dashboard, where you’ll be able to see a more detailed presentation of its performance. Process usage and bandwidth allocation functions are also readily available in the same interface. Reports based on server performance, usage, availability, as well as application usage can be generated in an instant.

The domain monitoring functions work similarly, and reports can also be created by the program, detailing the website’s availability and response time over a period of time.

Management alerts can be set up to facilitate server and domain upkeep. Various such alerts can be set, and they usually trigger when a certain parameter — the CPU, RAM, disk, network, response time, and so on — meets a certain threshold. For instance, if the CPU is used for more than 70% for at least 5 minutes, the software will alert the user at once.

The same can be applied when monitoring one’s domain: if the website response time is above 500 ms for at least 5 minutes, for example, you’ll be alerted right away.

TSplus Server Monitoring is a handy utility that was designed to help users manage their servers and domains more efficiently, and it does do that well, especially if you’re looking for something that is both accessible, yet still sufficiently complex.