Steelray Project Analyzer is a user-friendly piece of software that provides administrators with the possibility to analyze the schedule and resources of their projects. The tool generates reports that can be used to improve the quality and performance of projects.

The tool can be used to analyze schedules based on a broad range of parameters, including project management best practices and internally defined practices.

Discover hidden problems
With the help of this utility, administrators can find any hidden problems with their projects’ schedules or data fast, thus benefiting from significant time savings when trying to find them. Moreover, admins can generate clear, actionable reports with only a few mouse clicks.

The program allows users to switch between projects effortlessly, as its main window has been designed in the form of a file explorer. Users can add projects to the tool and view a list of them on the left-side pane while the right-side panel displays the content of any select project.

Support for a multitude of reports
The application includes a large number of predefined reports and makes it easy for users to generate different types of reports for their selected projects. Users can opt in for multiple preferred reports, and can view them in the left-side pane.

Admins can customize reports to ensure that they are indeed tailored for their needs. Thus, the software can help project managers better understand the issues with their projects’ schedules, as well as the risks that come with them.

A professional software
The tool is snappy, being able to load projects and to generate reports almost instantly. It is also highly responsive when customizing analysis criteria, yet its performance is influenced by the size of the project it is analyzing.

In conclusion, Steelray Project Analyzer could easily prove a suitable option for professionals who want to discover any issues with their project’s schedule fast. It features a straightforward interface and allows users to customize the generated reports, for a better understanding or emerging problems.



Steelray Software Steelray Project Analyzer 7.17.4 Setup

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