Creating a data backup once in a while, if not more frequently, should be on the list of good habits of anyone. Off-site backup is the way to go for most users who want to keep their files secure, and that is exactly what MSP360 Backup Ultimate Edition is here to offer.

The highlight in the feature list of MSP360 Backup Ultimate Edition is the assortment of backup destinations it supports, which proves its versatility and its power to adapt to users’ requirements. It can backup files to Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon S3 / Glacier, Azure, Cisco, FTP servers, Google Drive, OneDrive, OracleCloud, OpenStack, Rackspace, Hitachi, HP Cloud, Verizon, and the list is far from over.

As for the data sources, the application enables users to create backups for locally-stored files, the entire system, SQL server databases, or MS Exchange. Moreover, it features cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-local backups, allowing fast synchronization between multiple online storage accounts and the local PC.

Users can create multiple backup plans in MSP360 Backup Ultimate Edition and run them simultaneously. No matter the source of the backup, a wizard guides the users step-by-step through the entire process.

An important perk is that the application can encrypt data during backup, which prevents the user from accessing files using client tools other than MSP360 Backup Ultimate Edition. Compression and AES encryption are also available, provided the target online storage service supports such options.

The wizard also features filtering options, which enable users to exclude specific files or entire folders from backup based on various criteria.

MSP360 Backup Ultimate Edition provides a list of backup destinations that is generous enough to meet the needs of every category of users. Additional features, such as VSS usage for files that are currently in use by the system, or customizable data retention policy, only add to its value.

One could say that functionality is the main focus of the application, given that the interface does not follow the latest trends, offering a rather outdated look. Nevertheless, even with a GUI that needs a makeover, MSP360 Backup Ultimate Edition does its job as promised, creating backups and restoring data whenever needed.

What’s new in MSP360 Backup Ultimate Edition


  • SQL Server Backup: Added ability to run differential and transaction log backup on demand
  • Files Backup: Dropbox online files are now ignored if Do not backup on-demand files option is selected

Resolved Issues:

  • Network Shares: Files in use by another process are reported as unexpected error (code 1003)
  • Long timeout on attempt to retrieve exclusive access to repository (code 1072)
  • Minor bug fixes



MSP360 Backup Ultimate Edition

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