InfoTouch Professional is a comprehensive and reliable software solution developed to provide you with the ability of protecting public computers from users by limiting their access solely to web browsing.

Clear-cut and straightforward looks

The application is sufficiently simple to understand and work with, though some degree of prior experience is required in order to be able to set it up to suit your particular needs.

The main window of InfoTouch Professional lets you access the Internet or configure the ‘Settings’ of the program, for which you need to input a password; the default one is ‘infotouch’ but you should change it after the first access.

Thoroughly configure kiosk browsing on your computer

When surfing the web through the integrated browser, the utility only allows a handful of functions, so end-users will not be able to overstep their rights on that computer. It features a virtual keyboard, in case a physical device is not available and a series of buttons to help you navigate.

As such, you can go ‘Forward’, ‘Backward’, ‘Home’, ‘Refresh’ a website, zoom in and out, move up, down, right or left and perform Internet searches, the default engine being Google.

The ‘Configurator’ section of InfoTouch Professional allows you to adjust its appearance and the keyboard shortcuts, as well as activate or deactivate the ‘Event Recorder’. You can also set a screensaver for inactivity periods, adjust the email settings and the browsing options (changing the search engine, enabling context menus, limiting the number of tabs, etc).

Moreover, the program lets you use filtering, in one of two modes ‘Black List’ or ‘White List’. Similarly, you can activate the WatchDog for blocking certain keyboard, windows or audio features, or schedule system restarts or shutdown actions on preferred dates and times.

Aside from the browser, which is probably the most visible component, InfoTouch Professional also features several additional modules with the help of which you can play movies or picture galleries, send emails as well as read incoming messages, view documents, create personalized multi-level menus or send multimedia postcards. Together, these tools make for an advanced kiosk system, that you and your computers’ end users can benefit from.

A complex kiosk browser

To conclude, InfoTouch Professional is an advanced and useful application functioning as a kiosk web browser which allows you to configure almost every aspect of its functioning, down to the very last detail.



InfoTouch Professional Setup

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