If you work in the education field, you might’ve heard about OMR and how it can help you process various test or survey types by simply feeding the source files to a computer and waiting for the results.

Verificare is one of the applications based on this technology that can save you the hassle of manually processing every single one of your students’ test papers.

What is OMR

First of all, OMR, which stands for Optical Mark Recognition, is a process of capturing data marked by humans from a variety of document forms, including test papers, surveys, questionnaires or other similar examination papers.

This technology can help you process massive amounts of information with minimal errors if you simply provide it with the necessary files.

Multiple templates supported

Before you start analyzing your documents, you must choose a template from a list that includes existing OMR sheets, single-sided 100, 200 or 300-question quizzes with four answers, registration forms, voting templates or surveys.

More so, you can even create your own template by selecting the appropriate option from the menu and start adding elements such as entities, question sets, barcodes, QR codes, text, images and even shapes in order to fit your needs.

Read and organize data

Providing data to the application can be done by specifying a location on your computer and hitting the “Read” button under the “Reading” menu, or even scanning a physical paper using a supported device (i.e., a scanner).

After doing so, you can sort data by ascending or descending order, find bits of info, apply filters, export to XLS, CSV or custom formats, check if any of the participants cheated and even generate reports.

Handy OMR assistant

All in all, if you’re looking for an app that can help you analyze and organize OMR-related data, you can safely count on Verificare. It comes with a lot of handy functions, has a tidy, Office-like interface and provides you with user-friendly controls.



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