More often than not, having the CAD application readily available on your laptop while on the go is not possible, especially if you are short on storage. SpinFire is a CAD data visualization platform that enables you to interact with both 2D and 3D design in a user-friendly environment and without having extra applications installed.

Supports a wide variety of file formats and platforms

The program comes with a modern and fresh interface, so you are unlikely to have any issues navigating and managing files. The app also packs collaboration tools that allow fast communication and idea sharing between members of a manufacturing organization, based on the performed measurements and analysis.

You will be happy to learn that the application is compatible with the vast majority of CAD software solutions on the market. Therefore, you are able to access numerous assembly data and import from various applications, including AutoCAD, CATIA and Autodesk tools, just to name a few.

Moreover, it supports various render modes (wire frame, triangle mesh, flat / smooth shading, reflective) and enables you to set the transparency level and the color of the component, so as to obtain a clearer view.

Take measurements and create annotations for the prototype

The program packs dozens of tools to help you perform various calculations and measurements to check that the design matches the customer’s requirements. You can use it to determine volumes, areas and thickness, calculate angles, distances and coordinates.

The viewer can create annotations and investigate each individual component, as well as build prototypes and animations that can be easily shared with the customer for feedback request. Furthermore, the application enables you to alter attributes and change the properties of the model, such as the used material.

A CAD file manager that lets you perform detailed analysis for quality assurance

SpinFire enables you to analyze complex 3D models and take measurements without having any experience in CAD engineering. It saves you the resources needed to purchase an expensive CAD application, while allowing design analysis and fast data extraction.

What’s new in SpinFire 11.10.5 Build 28035

  • New “Visualize” theme available when logged Into Visualize account.
  • Disallowing files dragged-and-dropped on the New panel.
  • Importer updates