ShapeBuilder calculates geometric section properties, like area, moment of inertia, etc. It handles multiple materials and composite sections. ShapeBuilder also performs advanced stress analysis, cracked analysis, and calculates the strength of reinforced concrete sections.

ShapeBuilder is a powerful utility for anyone who needs to calculate geometric or structural properties of plane areas. The primary purpose of ShapeBuilder is to help engineers determine properties of custom or combined sections for structural desig.

Custom Shapes

Create built-up or cut-down structural shapes quickly using a variety of techniques.

Easy Editing

Powerful graphical editor allows you to modify or change things.

Composite Shapes

Find transformed section properties for shapes in multiple materials.

Stress Analysis

Investigate bending and shear stress distribution under body-force loading. Accurate finite element results.

Export to VisualAnalysis

Create a library of shapes. Use these shapes as member elements in your VisualAnalysis projects. Even get design checks for certain profiles.

Manufactured Shapes

Includes built-in libraries of shapes from AISC, CISC, AISI, NDS, ADM, EuroSteel, Australian Steel, Rebar. Includes Historic AISC shapes, too.

Shear and Torsion

Calculate torsion and warping constants for open or closed sections. View the warping function graphically.

Graphical Reports

Create a concise one-page report with graphics to show all the calculated properties. Include dimensions or stress results.

ShapeBuilder 14.0 Release Notes

14.00.0001 November 20, 2023

New Features

  • [Free upgrade with active license or subscription]
  • Rotate a shape edge to horizontal or vertical
  • Custom calculations in script (w/buckling example)
  • Min/Max stress per shape and material
  • Added additional individual part properties
  • Added command to export results via script
  • More fixes, see Help