People who work with standardized wage and tax forms, could require an efficient way of correcting erroneous forms. ezW2Correction is an application that was designed specifically for helping users identify errors in their standardized e W-2C / W-3C forms and correct them with ease. Therefore, it will enable them to avoid the need for classic correction forms and save on paper through printing to PDF format.

Uncluttered interface that will allow people to enter detailed information about their company

The application comes packed with a clean interface that features a streamlined layout theme throughout its different windows and menus. One will be able to view a listing of the defined W-2 / W-3 forms and ezW2Correction will offer one-click editing for the preferred files.

Users will be able to add numerous detailed information about the registered company (name, address, ZIP code, tax ID, etc.) and corresponding W-2 / W-3 standardized forms. Several predefined fields offer people the choice of adding values for the submitter EIN, address, telephone number / email address and re-submission ID.

Import W-2 / W-3 standardized forms, identify the areas where errors occur and correct them with this useful utility

A dedicated import module will enable users to input their W2 / W3 standardized forms and define specific settings for the correction. They will be able to select multiple parameters for the different columns of the documents: SSN, wages, tips, federal income, social security taxes withhold, state income, etc.

The parsed data can be tested and the application will them proceed with the importing process. If there are irregularities, these will be listed immediately and people will be able to view with ease on which row of the table these occur. However, as straightforward as the form handling process might be, novice users are advised to document themselves thoroughly, as this utility will necessitate some knowledge of financial aspects.

Efficient software solution for correcting W-2 / W-3 standardized forms and saving them to PDF file format

Those who are looking for an efficient solution for handling their standardized wage and tax forms, this utility could provide a good solution. ezW2Correction offers several easy-to-handle features that allow users to define extensive details about their records, import W-2 / W-3 forms and correct them without too much effort.



ezW2Correction (2023) 3.10.1 (Enterprise Version)-MADARA