dbForge Data Compare for MySQL is a professional, full-featured, and enterprise-orientated utility that provides all the necessary tools for comparing and synchronizing data of MySQL, as well as Percona and MariaDB databases.

In short, it allows you to compare and synchronize data like tables, views, and BLOB data. It’s also quite capable of comparing and synchronizing data on different MySQL server versions.

All the features that make this app the best tool for database comparison

The application provides a handful of tools for comparison result analysis. You can effortlessly filter comparison results (the easiest way is from the contextual menu), edit values of default comparison options, change the synchronization characteristics, and even group records in every compared object.

You’re able to create synchronization scripts, as well as generate comprehensive data comparison reports in XML, HTM and CSV formats. Another useful feature is the command line interface which allows more advanced users to automate various tasks and run comparison and synchronization tasks with a single mouse click.

It’s also decently equipped when it comes to SQL execution and data management, as it provides you with the possibility of executing SQL scripts and queries, and, thanks to its data editor, you can also take advantage of various filtering, grouping, and sorting options.

Easy installation procedure and a perfectly suited GUI

Last but not least, we should mention the app’s well-designed interface. It has a relatively modern and pragmatic feel, with all the features readily available from the top toolbar and the menu bar. Not only this, but the app offers various customization options and, quite interestingly, it also sports six GUI skins which should make the whole user experience a bit better.

Deployment is fairly straightforward as well, as you only need to let yourself be guided by the app’s wizard-based installer. However, please note that .NET Framework 4.0 or newer needs to be present on your computer’s system beforehand.

Database data comparison and synchronization at its finest

All in all, dbForge Data Compare for MySQL is a really good example of what an enterprise-grade database comparison tool should be like. It sports tons of useful and efficient features that are delivered to you in a relatively user-friendly manner through a perfectly designed GUI.

What’s new in dbForge Data Compare for MySQL 10.0.60:

  • User-reported and internal bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with editing string values in the Data Editor
  • Resolved an application crash issue when attempting to save a script larger than 2 gigabytes
  • Resolved the problem with SQL Document freezing during query execution



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