Video Mill is a handy software utility that acts as a multimedia manager and player for any pictures, video and audio files on your computer. But it also works on any other projection screen connected to a computer. The display size can range from a 15 inch screen up to a cinema projection screen or digital billboard.

Watch videos on multi-screen monitors

One big advantage that this application provides, is that it enables you to watch videos on several media screens in the same time, while you can work with other programs on your computer or laptop. There is no limitation to how many extended displays you can use, although you can be restricted by the available number of physical hardware connection slots of your computer.

Among popular video formats such as AVI, FLV, MPG or MP4, it supports 720/1080HD (High Definition), audio and several frequently used image formats.

Apply animation effects to your videos

Besides being able to play videos in single or multi-screen modes, you can apply attributes to selected media items that do not affect their original format. These attributes control how your videos, images or audio files are rendered on the screen, as well as their behavior. Video effects can be applied while watching the video and can be changed whenever you want, without modifying the source media file. Plus, you can display the same video on several screens and apply to each one different attributes and rendering effects.

Set pop-up windows with advertisements and promos

A unique feature that sets this tool apart from other similar applications, is the marquee option, that allows you to inform the audience of upcoming events or videos, commercials, text messages, logos that may include a countdown timer, the current date and even a wall clock. However, you can only use a limited number of text lines.


All in all, Video Mill provides you with a wide range of options that allow you to play multiple videos simultaneously without effort. During our evaluation we did not experience any system errors or computer crashes.

What’s new in Video Mill 2.44 Version 2 Release 44:

  • New feature – PowerKeys expands the operations possible with automation scripts. (Ultimate edition) (Learn more )
  • New feature – Automator – Window Focus menu item added to Tools menu. (Learn more )
  • New feature – WMP Check – Windows Media Player installed check added. Go to Tools > Diagnostics. Useful check if program is not working after installing on a new computer. Not enabled on Win11 by default. (Learn more )
  • Enhancement – Toggle Screen Mode menu item is now 2 sub-menu items for changing between Single/Multi-Screen mode. The toggle approach was prone to inadvertent changes to the mode.



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