AnalyzerXL Pro is an add-in for Microsoft Excel, designed to help you create trade systems and conduct technical analysis calculations directly in your worksheets.

Technical Analysis is essentially the methods of predicting the price movement through the use of chart patterns and market indicators. AnalyzerXL Pro Technical Analysis Functions Library allows you to produce your own trading system using all power of Microsoft Excel environment.

The Library consists of 81 technical analysis functions, indicators, and alerts which are divided into the following groups:

  • Trend Indicators
  • Volatility Indicators
  • Momentum Indicators
  • Market Strength Indicators
  • Support and Resistance Indicators
  • Additional Functions
  • Alert Functions

Key features summary:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • The comprehensive Technical Analysis Functions Library for MS Excel.
  • Macro creation and management.
  • MS Excel environment provides great possibilities for integration with your particular calculations and analysis.
  • Various adjustment options in accordance with your preferences.