With dangers lurking at every corner of the Internet, nowadays, taking the minimum security-related measures to keep yourself and your data safe has become mandatory. An antivirus solution and real-time protection are no longer optional, especially on a PC that is used daily for accessing various pages on the world wide web.

User-friendly GUI with one-click access to all the modules 

The Watchdog Anti-Virus promises to deliver a powerful software solution for monitoring the PC actively and detecting all kinds of threats thanks to its real-time protection and cloud scanner.

The antivirus features a user-friendly GUI with one-click access to all the functions. A new scan can be started with a click and the file quarantine, or the whitelist are accessible as well. You are free to decide whether real-time protection and the cloud scanner is turned off or on or initiate a new system scan.

Run both system and custom scans 

Watchdog Anti-Virus features two scanning modes: a system scan and a custom scan. While the first runs a more in-depth analysis of the PC, the custom scan allows you to choose the files or folders to analyze.

The scan progress is displayed and Watchdog Anti-Virus prompts you for action should it find potentially harmful files or components. A report is created for each scan you run with Watchdog Anti-Virus. The antivirus promises to prevent hacker attacks, find vulnerabilities and detect phishing attempts.

A third-party software solution that promises enhanced security 

While not released by one of the major players in the security field, Watchdog Anti-Virus can protect your PC against various types of cyber threats. With real-time protection and a cloud-based threat database, it promises to elevate the security level of your PC, giving you peace of mind when accessing the Internet.



Watchdog Anti-Virus 1.6.887