Since distractions are the real culprit behind writer’s block – or so they say – regardless of the nature of your text, you probably want to be protected from such annoyances.

Black NotePad is a minimalist text editor that banks on precisely this principle since it provides you with a customizable writing environment so that you can easily focus strictly on your content.

Elegant text editor covering the basics of the writing process

Before anything else, you need to know that Black NotePad is a portable software solution, which means no installation steps require your attention.

As for the program’s user interface, things are minimalist and sleek on this front as well. With a basic feature set and a dark background chosen by default, the text editor does not pack useless buttons crowding its toolbar.

Writing text can be done just as in any other editor that supports copying and pasting, with the possibility of opening any TXT documents and applying changes to it. Regarding the editing tools it puts at your disposal, note that undoing or redoing modifications is an option, as is the case of copying, cutting, and pasting text.

Comes with customizable font and color profiles

What’s more, turning selected text to all lowercase or all uppercase should enhance your productivity while the same can be said about the search field, which enables you to effortlessly get to specific strings of text. Recognizing URLs should raise no issues whatsoever, and opening them in your browser is one click away.

While all these features might place it in the bulk of programs of its type, there is something that differentiates Black NotePad from the rest of text editors.

There are multiple options as far as the font and background colors are concerned, with two permanent and five customizable color profile settings. Regarding the available fonts, there are three pre-defined options, with the mention that alternative items can be loaded and saved.

Handy and distractions-free text editor

All in all, Black NotePad is a user-friendly tool for users who want to concentrate all their resources on the very process of writing. The text editor allows you to tweak its GUI so that eyestrain becomes an improbable danger, with the basic editing tool set being enough for most users.



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