PDF files are great for many reasons, the most popular being that they keep your document formatting intact wherever you move them. Also, the extra security which they bring is not to be ignored. This being said, PDFs can’t be edited with just any program, so if you want to make changes to your documents, you’re going to need a lot more software power than Adobe Acrobat Reader offers.

Luckily, there are many programs that can help you edit and manage your PDF files, and a lot of them cost less than the Acrobat suite. One such application is All About PDF.

As its name suggests, All About PDF tries to encapsulate most of the PDF editing tools that average users need. This includes merging documents, splitting them or deleting only certain pages. The program can also convert PDF files into Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, HTML or JPG images.

Even though conversion is a function that’s always in demand (and thus can often be found free of charge), it’s comforting to find it in one single package, along with compression and protection features. You can also remove restrictions from some documents (but not owner passwords), add watermarks to the pages or set an expiry date after which the file cannot be opened.

All these options can be accessed directly from the program’s main interface, so you don’t need to navigate any submenus or tabs. You can, however, change how the program looks by choosing between Light and Dark Mode and selecting a color for the interface from a limited palette.

All About PDF has a fair amount of power and versatility. Sure, there are other more advanced PDF managers out there, but they cost more and don’t really have as many extra features as you’d expect. If you’re willing to spend a bit to have more control over your documents, this app may be the thing you’re looking for.



All About PDF 3.2024