The structure of a webpage depends on its purpose and its target audience, but it rarely happens that a webpage does not need to enclose a form of some sort. Whether we are talking about a registration form, a contact form, or something similar, a dedicated application that can generate the HTML code is more convenient than having to write the code manually, saving the web designer a significant amount of time. DA-FormMaker is one of the choices you can run to.

DA-FormMaker makes it easier for you to create HTML forms with multiple fields, without requiring any knowledge of HTML, PHP, or any other language.

It can generate standard forms for desktop browsers, bootstrap forms, which are optimized for browsers running on mobile platforms (iOS, Android), or W3.CSS forms, which feature enhanced responsiveness and are optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms.

Working with the application is very intuitive, so there is no need for indications whatsoever. All the fields in the form are displayed in an organized table, which allows the quick management of data. To make your task even easier, DA-FormMaker comes with a few templates you can quickly insert into the form.

You can add all sorts of fields, depending on the purpose of your form: single-line text boxes, password fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, file upload requests, calendars, signature forms, and more.

There is no need for you to do much effort: DA-FormMaker automatically generates the HTML code. The data can be sent to your email address or uploaded to a FTP server. Alternatively, the form can be embedded into your webpage using the Export Wizard, all in just a few steps.

Additional settings enable you to add a title to your form and attach it anti-spam captcha protection.

DA-FormMaker is a handy tool for web designers, providing the basic tools they need to generate HTML forms without using complex software. It is easy to use and generates the HTML code automatically so advanced programming knowledge is not mandatory to use it.



DA-FormMaker Professional 4.17.2