If you need a scoreboard for various sporting events, you can either invest in a specialized display, which would cost you quite a bit of money, or simply use a regular monitor or projector together with a piece of software designed for this purpose.

Eguasoft Volleyball Scoreboard is a relatively straightforward application that enables you to show a scoreboard on a secondary display and manage it from a simple control panel. It is reliable and quite easy to set up.

When you launch the application, you will be presented with the control panel, which is used to manage the scoreboard from the main screen. The “Help For First Step” tab provides you with a simple set of instructions for getting the scoreboard to show up correctly on the secondary display.

The recommended screen resolution for the scoreboard monitor is 1366×768. While you can use different resolutions, the elements that make up the scoreboard will not be aligned properly.

Once you have moved the scoreboard window to the right display, you can begin playing around with the settings. The control panel allows you to start or stop the timer, set the score, keep track of periods and even blow a horn.

From the Settings tab, you can customize the text that is displayed on top of the scoreboard, change the font, insert home and away pictures or change the color theme.

The program allows you to perform several actions, such as changing the score and starting or pausing periods, using hotkeys; the default assignments can be changed to whichever ones you prefer.

When it comes down to it, Eguasoft Volleyball Scoreboard is a somewhat basic piece of software, but it can certainly get the job done. It offers a decent number of customization options and can be set up quite easily even by complete novices.



Eguasoft Volleyball Scoreboard