Once in a while, you might accidentally delete important images or lose them when during a computer crash. Photos Recovery is one of the utilities that can help you restore them.

The first step in getting your file back is choosing their location and scanning the respective partition. This application supports both fixed media, like hard drives, but also removable ones, such as USB flash drives or memory cards.

You only need to select the one that you need, then wait until the analysis process is complete and the images you lost are identified.

Photos Recovery displays all the detected picture files as large icons or in a detailed view, and you can switch between them with a single mouse click.

The former version allows you to preview the images (when it is available), whereas the latter comes in handy when you are looking for a file whose deletion date or full name you still remember.

For each file, Photos Recovery displays the filename, format and size, as well as original location and modified date. For the pictures that can be previewed, you can also view image width and height.

The application allows you to narrow down the scope the search to ensure shorter analysis time and more accurate results.

As such, you can specify the minimum and maximum file sizes, but also the types of images you are interested in. More specifically, you can choose between common photos, RAW one (from digital cameras), raster or vector images.

In a nutshell, Photos Recovery stands true to its name, it helps you restore your images. On the downside, you cannot fine-tune the results to only show a certain filename or deletion date, so you need to manually explore the entire list and find the item(s) you need.



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