Perfinity dotNET Runtime Analyzer is a reliable tool designed to help you monitor the performance of .NET based applications. The program supports monitoring several .NET platforms and allows you to view all the active threads, modules, as well as exceptions or errors.

Monitor Windows processes and Web apps

Perfinity dotNET Runtime Analyzer can help you monitor and analyze the performance of various applications, whether for Windows desktop, Windows services, Web services, ASP.NET, WCF or WPF tools. You need to import the executable file and let the program analyze the .NET it was built on.

The utility also allows you to attach (or detach) other processes to the analysis, in order to acquire information, insight from higher .NET platforms. Examining the program performance implies monitoring the CPU time and the clock time, for advanced comparison. You may filter the process display, as well as switch the view mode. You may read information regarding hotspots with line-level or method level granularity.

System event and exception tracker

Perfinity dotNET Runtime Analyzer enables long-term monitoring of the specified systems and allows you to capture both CPU and clock times. You may thus pinpoint the processes that strain the CPU and delay other services. A dedicated tab displays all the exceptions encountered in the program’s runtime, along with the timestamp and detailed report.

Perfinity dotNET Runtime Analyzer can track Windows file operations in order to capture .NET Remoting, local database queries, Pipe usage or other access entry points. In other words, it can help you monitor the system reading, writing, deletion and move processes.

Activity and performance analysis

Perfinity dotNET Runtime Analyzer allows you to trace the program’s network and registry activity, as well as examine the parallel runtime threads. It can also monitor modules, GC events and trace Windows actions or debugging processes. The program can also profile the memory allocation and display its trigger stacks in order to investigate leaks.



Perfinity dotNET Runtime Analyzer 7.0.22 Setup

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