Instant C# Free Edition converts whole VB.NET projects or code snippets to elegant C#. Whether you’re converting development to C# or you work in both VB.NET and C#, Instant C# will save you countless hours of painstaking effort.

The Instant C# VB.NET to C# converter translates all VB.NET syntax, including the most ambiguous and quirky aspects of VB.NET: delegates & event handlers, cast macros, named parameters, optional arguments, static local variables, multi-line statements, and array resizing.

In addition to having an accuracy rate of over 99%, Instant C# converts over 22,000 lines per minute (tested on a 2GHz machine).

Security wise, Instant C# Free Edition will not permit the code to leave your system, no leaks or other flaws are permitted in order to create the safest environment for your work.

Furthermore, a smart notification system is in place and lets the operator find his way around the process by offering helpful notes, warnings, and instructive comments.

To sum it up, Instant C# Free Edition is a handy tool that can be used to instantly convert VB>NET syntax to C# with greate accuracy and helpful material on the top. The tool proves to be an excellent learning method for users new to C#.



Instant C# Premium Edition 24.4.18