ProfExam Simulator is a program for exam preparation, providing training and testing on various types of questions similar to those encountered in real exams.

The Professional Exam Simulator will assist you in preparing for the exam and evaluating your knowledge. The application can both assess your knowledge and facilitate self-learning. It features a user-friendly interface, hints display, customizable testing parameters, result evaluation, and much more.

Simple Questions

What an exam can be without questions where one needs to check the correct answer?

ProfExam Simulator supports 3 major types of simple questions:

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Filling in blanks

Interactive Questions

Sometimes it’s much easier to click on or select the correct answer on an image than to type many words. So, along with the knowledge you will also need the mouse to give the answer here.

  • Point & Shoot

Place the mouse pointer in the right position over the image.

  • Hot Area

Mark the correct variants of the answer.

  • Drag & Drop

Drag the answer to the right position on the image.


Your exam history

ProfExam Simulator stores all your sessions along with the answers and the results.

Want to see how you answered the questions earlier? Just open the required session, and it will be restored in full.

Storing sessions

Not only complete sessions can be restored. You can pause on your exam at any time and later resume it from the point where you had dropped.



ProfExam Simulator 8.0.24087.2156