PneuCalc is the only software application that provides an efficient workflow with many features to avoid design pitfalls and converge quickly and efficiently for an optimized design. Better design systems in a fraction of the time.

Designing or troubleshooting pneumatic conveying systems

Improperly designed conveying systems or process changes can wreak havoc on production lines with blockages in the system, irregular feed rates, or premature equipment wear. Understanding how the system parameters influence the behavior of conveyed material is key to efficient and reliable pneumatic handling of bulk materials.

Let PneuCalc help you reach production capacity and improve your bottom line!

Making smart design choices


  • Design and troubleshoot both pressure and vacuum systems
  • Calculate and display dilute, dense and mixed modes of conveying
  • Includes material saltation velocity calculator tools
  • Automatically display the Geldart material chartgroup classification


  • Detailed pipe segment display shows impact of design changes and can help display root causes of system bottlenecks
  • Automatic parameter verification enables best design solutions for sloping convey lines, acceleration zone length, min/max material speed, refluxing in vertical sections, and max pressure

Time saving

  • Custom, reusable and shareable material and gas properties database
  • Prototype design options on the fly for gas flow, pipe size and pipe diameter stepping
  • Export valuable data for reporting, specifications, equipment datasheets and more
  • Accepts both imperial and metric unit input data and converts results automatically


  • New dynamic visual interface
  • Easy drag and drop pipe routing
  • Create and validate conveyor line layout with the geometry display
  • Select pipe components from standard library
  • Affordable logo

Cost effective

  • See our licensing rates to boost productivity and help you make smart design choices


  • +20 years proven reliable calculations
  • Compatible with PneuCalc 6.0 and 6.2
  • Useful in multiple practices



PneuCalc 7.0.1