P7S Signer is a convenient solution for the signing and generation of security-enhanced documents, with the possibility for bulk file processing, suitable for corporate and business uses, as well as for personal needs.

The tool is super efficient and manages to process individual files or sets of documents all at once. At the same time, it offers extra options, such as saving the digital signature on a separate file (as a detached signature), stamping your files via server connection (with encrypted request), and even creating a self-signed Digital Certificate directly from its menu.

You can create two types of self-signed digital certificates; first, there is the type that gets saved on Microsoft Certificate Store. Secondly, there is a digital certificate saved or a password-protected PKCS#12 PFX file, which is an archived private-public key pair bundled with an X.509 certificate.

Moreover, after setting up the signature addition and document formatting options, you have to choose the standard of your digital signature. You can pick between CMS (Cryptographic Message Syntax), CAdES (CMS Advanced Electronic Signatures), CAdES-C, and CAdES-XL. All of these, ultimately, represent different cryptographic syntaxes; in this case, a digital signature standard can be preferred over another on account of platform compatibility justifications.

P7S Signer is an amazing instrument. The tool does not require bothering sign-ups, and it automatically starts a trial.

The digital signer supports a lot of encryption types and inputs (PKCS#11 interfaces, PFX files, and Windows Certificate Store insertions), offers bulk document signing, and advanced timestamping options.



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