ASDIP Retain is an application created with the sole purpose of aiding engineers in designing cantilever and restrained retaining walls. It’s a tool comprised out of multiple modules that have been placed together in order to offer a simple and efficient way of creating the structural elements.

Well designed interface

Compared to other CAD software that is used for structural design, ASDIP Retain follows a rather unconventional yet advantageous approach. Instead of drawing the geometry of the element, you simply fill in a series of forms with all the needed details for the preliminary design and perform the required calculations.

ASDIP Retain’s main window is split down the middle into two separate sections where on the left you insert data for element geometry, loads, materials, reinforcements and some project information, and on the right, you can view general or detailed results.

Real-time result verification and transparency

The biggest advantage to using ASDIP Retain and this fill-form approach is that you save a considerable amount of time and avoid making mistakes. Immediately after you insert data, the application performs calculations and displays the results. Since it works with the latest IBC / ACI 318 / MSJC specifications, you know exactly what went wrong and where so you are able to remedy the situation.

Results are presented at a glance, where you can see a summary with the obtained values but you can also opt to view them in detail along with the actual equations used to calculate them.

Easy to use and accessible

Though a technical application tailored for professionals, ASDIP Retain makes it so that almost anyone can use it. It comes with a comprehensive interface and plenty of well written documentation that can help you overcome nearly any issue you may come across.

A practical solution for engineers and engineering students.

To wrap it up, ASDIP Retain certainly is a useful tool for engineers who need to design and calculate new retaining walls, as well as for those who simply want to perform a check up on an already created member.