If you own your own products, regardless of whatever it may be, it most likely has some form of packaging, and any type of packaging  requires a barcode more than anything, especially if you intend on distribuiting it through retailers. Vladovsoft Bargen is a lightweight utility designed to create relevant barcodes, as long as you provide it with all the meaningful information.

Barcode generating 101

A barcode (also bar code) is an optical, machine-readable, representation of data, and this data usually describes something about the object that carries the barcode.  This is precisely the principle that Vladovsoft Bargen follows, since all you have to do is to enter the barcodes, set the distances between them and Bargen will generate them for you. More so , you can use this tool for the exact opposite, meaning you can also use the barcode generation software to check if a given barcode is valid or not.

A lightweight graphical generator

Down to its very basics, this piece of software is nothing more than an image generator and editor, and while usually this type of software is associated with high resource requirements, this is not the case with Vladovsoft Bargen. Testing on PCs running the latest version of the WIndows OS revelaed no almost no change at all as far as memory usage goes, not even during the actual barcode generation loading process. Another difference from the typical graphics editor is that you would usually expect a modern-looking UI that would appeal to those that are fans of anything asthetically pleasing. This is not the case with Vladovsoft Bargen, as it was designed with only one thing in mind: being as lightweight as possible.

Keep your products registered easily

having your products labeled with barcodes is a musthave in this digital age, meaning that an app such as Vladovsoft Bargen is imperative for any business owner, large or small.



Vladovsoft Bargen 15.0.0-MADARA