Power Music is a tool designed for musicians who want to have total control over their music collection. Regardless of whether it is your mix or a sheet music that you are practicing with the choice, you can be sure to find the lyrics, notes, chord sheets and the digital audio all in one place.

Seamlessly create and manage chord sheets and lyrics

The application comes with a clean and intuitive interface that is unlikely to give you any troubles, regardless of your experience with similar applications. You can view your music in full screen or in split screen and, thanks to the magnifier, you can be sure to view all the notes and words.

The program comes with an editor that allows you to make and modify chord sheets without too much hassle. You can simply type in the chords, if you are at rehearsal for example, or you can paste the lyrics form other sources, including web pages and documents. Moreover, you can import sheet music files from images, scanner or PDF.

Share lists and annotation with others

A noteworthy feature of the tool is that you can annotate your music via numerous tools. To put it simply, you can draw, highlight, add sticky notes, bowing, bar numbers, musical notation, so on and so forth. The bar numbers and performance marks can surely come in handy when you have a relatively large music collection and you need to find a particular sheet music.

Thanks to the Power Music Box, which is the app’s embedded cloud storage, you can share your music, annotation and playlists with others. In addition, you can include tagging, indexing and referencing your music to web or social networks.

A handy utility that makes managing sheet music easier

In the eventuality that you want to eliminate all the paper music, then Power Music might be worth a try. Not only does it allow you to carry all your sheet music with you, but you can also share the lists and changes with others anytime.



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