The age of digital TV and radio may be past its prime for younger audiences, but it’s not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Among TV watchers, it’s actually pretty common to feel there’s barely anything worth watching, and the same holds true for radio enjoyers: aside from the content’s general quality, your region and provider play an important role.

ProgDVB Professional can help with that. It lets users watch digital TV and listen to radio channels from all over the world, featuring a wide selection of content whose variety is sure to appeal to a multitude of tastes.

A plug and play solution

The program is surprisingly easy to get started with. While there’s a good chunk of configurability that’s available for those who are interested, there’s little need to configure anything as a casual user. The default configuration does well to provide users with a wide range of channels they can tune into with a single click.

Some channels may buffer more than others, but during my testing, the experience stayed fairly smooth throughout. The video quality is passable, but this may vary between channels. Note that, if the default selection isn’t to your liking, you may configure it through the Channel List menu, or via the included ProgTV tool, which lets you fine-tune your sources.

Some nice-to-haves you may want to know about

As stated previously, the solution is very much plug and play, but that doesn’t mean that functionality is sacrificed. While tuning into a stream, you may right-click the player to modify the video’s aspect ratio and audio, as well as turn on recording. An equalizer function is available, and you can also modify the color levels and codecs for your video playback in the Options menu.

I also appreciated being able to favorite and group channels for convenience. In addition, adding additional IPTV clients, as well as YouTube channels or playlists, is another noteworthy possibility.

A complete solution for TV and radio enjoyers

ProgDVB Professional includes a lot of tools to help casual and experienced users alike get the most out of their digital TV and radio, offering a wide selection of channels for them to enjoy.



ProgDVB Professional 7.53.8 32-bit Setup

ProgDVB Professional 7.53.8 64-bit Setup

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