Simplebim® is a revolutionary Open BIM IFC application. It has all the tools you need for standardizing and enriching your IFC models for making them fit for your purpose and to maximize your BIM value. Trim and clean models. Merge and split. Calculate normalized quantities and resolve locations. Add your own property sets. Classify. Enrich models with data from outer sources and much more…

Simplebim® also includes Bimsheet™, which is a new and powerful way to connect your existing Excel calculations to BIM. With Bimsheet you can extract model data to your Excel calculation. Visualize and check the results. Automatically update calculations. Reuse the calculation logic in other projects. Or even import data from Excel to BIM. Check out the landing page for more information here:

Make BIM simple

Using unified and consistent data doesn’t require special knowledge or skills. Consistent data enables full automation benefits.

Scale BIM Usage

Opens BIM to a wide range of users. Works with any tools that support open BIM and IFC.

Smart BIM

Created by the world’s leading BIM exchange experts. Enables the smartest and most efficient Open BIM workflows.



Simplebim Setup

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