Bookmarking a page you stumble upon while browsing is one thing, but documenting a research session might lead to hundreds of webpages crowding your browser’s bookmark manager. Desktop bookmark managers are much more efficient in this case, as they offer a simple way to organize links and get access to marked URLs whenever needed.

One good alternative to working with the built-in bookmark manager of a browser is Ron’s WebLynx. This particular application makes it easier to organize a large number of links.

Various ways to import links

It’s possible to create a folder for each category you want to create. Folders can be populated with links either manually (by typing in the links one by one), by dragging and dropping the URL from the browser’s address bar to the main window of Ron’s WebLynx, or by importing lists of bookmarks you exported from a web browser beforehand.

Although this should be enough to many, Ron’s WebLynx also allows you to import links from the clipboard, a webpage, a file, or an Outlook folder. Moreover, it can parse an entire website and get both internal and external links into your library.

Search and filtering, an integrated browser, and a note taker

Ron’s WebLynx can sort all the bookmarks by various criteria, ascending or descending. Moreover, it features integrated search and filtering capabilities, allowing you to quickly find a certain link in a large bookmark library. The criteria ranges from name and rating to the link state (not checked, error, time out, missing, valid). And speaking of its built-in search feature, you can assign relevant tags to bookmarks, which makes the internal search engine more efficient.

An integrated browser and a note-taking tool are among the other pluses of Ron’s WebLynx.

A reliable and pleasant-looking bookmark manager

Ron’s WebLynx is a feature-rich bookmark manager, providing everything you need to keep all the links organized. With tags and colors, search filters, various methods to import data, and a well-structured interface, Ron’s WebLynx is, indeed, a pleasure to work with.

What’s new in Ron’s WebLynx 2024.01.12.0843:

  • Icon updated.



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