Amolto Call Recorder Premium is a software tool that provides users with a simple means of recording both their audio and video Skype calls, with a minimum amount of effort.

Seamless setup and clear-cut interface

The installation process does not last very long and does not come bundled with unpleasant surprises, while the GUI you come across is quite straightforward. It is comprised of a few buttons and a pane in which you can view several piece of information and the elapsed time since the recording started. It becomes quite clear that all types of users can work with it, even those with little or no previous experience with the IT world.

Register audio and video Skype conversations and save them to files

As mentioned above, you can register both audio and video feeds, and just of your Skype conversations, but your entire screen and any song playing on your computer. Recordings can be paused or stopped, while you can also view the microphone and speakers volume. Results are going to be saved to a custom location on the hard drive, using an MP4 and MP3 file format.

View history and create a few rules

It is possible to bring up the recording history with just a click of the button, so that you can view details regarding previously processed items, such as start time, duration, audio and video size, and comments (if any). Moreover, you can play them using the incorporated playback controls or go to their location using the Windows File Explorer.

Rules can be created for incoming and outgoing Skype calls, the number of frames per second captured can be customized, as well as the quality level of the MP3 encoding and you can show or hide the mouse cursor.

Bottom line

To conclude, Amolto Call Recorder Premium is a pretty efficient piece of software when it comes to recording your Skype conversations. It does not put a strain on the computer’s performance, as the CPU and memory usage is minimal, the response time is good, the interface is suitable to all types of users and our tests did not reveal any errors or crashes.



Amolto Call Recorder for Skype Premium Setup

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