When it comes to video surveillance and camera monitoring, you need a powerful software solution and state-of-the-art cameras in order to be able to efficiently protect your business or home. Certain monitoring software tools, such as Camlytics, can help you maintain security by offering detailed analysis of the information recorded by your surveillance cameras.

The application works fine and without interruptions or errors on computers that have .Net Framework installed.

Easy to use, yet complex surveillance system that provides video analysis

Camlytics gives you the possibility to monitor multiple surveillance cameras and record detailed analysis about any captured movement. As long as your computer is powerful enough to support a certain number of cameras, the application will record the data they capture.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to permanently keep in touch with the data captured by your cameras, as you can set the program to notify you via email whenever one of the cameras detects movement.

Advanced video analysis software that tracks movement and events

Besides camera records, Camlytics offers you advanced analysis of the recorded material. The application can track object movement, camera blurring or blackouts.

In addition, it can compute statistics, based on which heat and trajectory maps are build. This way, you are able to analyze each recording and discover some irregularities that would not be normally detected by the naked eye or by simple camera records.

A powerful and intuitive multi-camera surveillance system offering advanced video analysis

As a conclusion, Camlytics can help you keep your business or home safe, by allowing an indefinite number of surveillance cameras to record any part of your perimeter.

With the help of this application, you will have no trouble in monitoring each camera, as the program enhances each recording by tracking movement and analyzing the data it receives.



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