ShieldApps Anti Malware is protection software window, against attack from virus and blocked the malicious software on the internet. Anti Malware provides protection malware 24/7 from malware, virus and trojan. Anti Malware offers active protection from threats, malicious and is set to monitor, block and alert when detect malicious software.

Anti Malware will automatically scan your computer to find the threat according to the schedule identified and also includes tools and additional features such as tools, delete files, security, browser cleanup history, and the boot manager to help your computer be protected and operate with the highest performance.

The main features ShieldApps Anti Malware

  • Protect your computer comprehensively and quickly.
  • Against attacks from the internet.
  • Remove malware, virus and trojan.
  • Protected 24/7.
  • Detectable warning of dangers lurking.



ShieldApps Anti-Malware Pro 4.2.8-MADARA