International sports are played in large spaces with supporters being able to view the action in real time. However, they also need to know what’s going on in the game, with panels and indicators taking care of this issue. For smaller environments, Eguasoft Handball Scoreboard does exactly what the name suggest, with enhanced possibilities if using a large monitor or projector.

Offers help right from the start

Running the application for the first time automatically takes you to a dedicated tab, with a few hints on how to take full advantage of implemented features. The main window is the control panel where all action is done besides the actual play field. You can switch to general settings by simply accessing another tab, thanks to integrated support.

Manage time and teams

Since it’s only dedicated to displaying and tracking scores, there aren’t any team management options other than names. Most buttons and fields handle time options so you can easily manage period clock, penalties and the general timer. Points are automatically added to the table, with buttons being highlighted for easy identification.

Accessing the settings menu gives you the possibility to manage a few technical details. Each team can be fitted with an image file for the logo, a few font display types can be picked, as well as colors for the output display. More options let you adjust time and period, like half duration or timeout length.

Best used with an external monitor

If you happen to have a projector connected or an external display, it can be used to your advantage, hitting the “Next” button in the control panel generating a new window. You can drag it on the external display. It sports a clean look, with clearly visible elements and updating info as you manage it from the control panel.

To sum it up

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Eguasoft Handball Scoreboard lives up to expectations and provides the necessary means to keep a public informed about the playing teams. It’s easy enough to use, with well-organized panels and an output window you can move to external monitors for clever display. It might not be used in arenas, but it sure works for a local match.



Eguasoft Handball Scoreboard v4.8.4.0 Setup

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