Ninja Pinner is a software that automatically tracks a wide range of targeted Pinterest users, from anywhere in Pinterest (search results, categories, board followers, subscribers / linker of a particular pin, etc.) With Ninja Pinner you can set a user that can batch unsubscribe with a variety of settings, such as just those who are not re-following you or just those who are users have followed up more than X days ago.

Or more simply you use it to bulk upload from csv or your own image directory to any board on your Pinterest, with your own custom description and source URL.

Ninja Pinner Features

  • Automatically leave comments from preset lists on your targeted pins. Spintax is allowed!
  • Automatically invite all of your followers to your group board or unsubscribe if needed.
  • Ninja Pinner filters the top pins for you, then automatically downloads them to your computer.
  • All usage data is tracked and charted. See which of your states are most effective over time.
  • After initializing the software, let it run in the background for as long as needed, while you continue to do other work.
  • Use random time delay settings as well as “break” intervals to stay in focus and avoid being flagged for spamming.
  • You can hide your IP if you feel it is necessary. Private proxies are also supported.
  • Perform all of these actions on one account or multiple accounts at the same time.