If you are working as a photographer or are interested in photography, you probably understand how important software assistance can be and how it can simplify your work.

Nowadays, there is a broad variety of specialized software that can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results. One of the programs mentioned above is dslrBooth.

Please note that this application only works with certain models of Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras.

User-friendly interface

After you install it on your computer and launch it, the utility requires you to connect your supported camera via USB cable. Also, you need to make sure that the device is set to PTP mode, otherwise, the application cannot provide you with the expected feedback.

Its design is smooth, user-friendly and does not feature hidden menus, buttons or sections whatsoever, making it accessible to numerous users. Unfortunately, no form of local help documentation is provided to you, thus relying on a user guide in case you get stuck is not a viable option.

Manage and process your images

dslrBooth can prove to be an efficient tool if you are looking for a quick way to organize your photo content and process it without great difficulty.

It is possible that you can organize your images, select the desired content and process it in various ways by using this program’s built-in tools. For instance, you can use a template manager that enables you to create your own templates, while also providing you with a selection of presets.

More so, the Green Screen function enables you to replace a blue or green background on your pictures with any custom image you want, in a hassle-free manner.

Print or share your photos

Additionally, you can create albums if you want to organize your content in a more efficient manner, print the desired items easily and also share them on various social networks.

The Printing section on the Settings window enables you to toggle automatic printing, automatic rotation and set the maximum amount of prints per session or per event. Furthermore, your photos can be shared through email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS or QR Code, thus providing you with a broad range of capabilities.

Reliable photo booth utility for your DSLR camera

To sum it up, dslrBooth is a handy application that can help you simplify your work as a photographer by offering you a vast selection of relevant tools. You can manage, edit, process, print or share your photos effortlessly, by making use of its intuitive functions. It features a clean, user-friendly layout, multiple adjustable parameters, but, unfortunately, no local help manual is provided to you.



dslrBooth Professional 7.46.0709.3